About Sweeping

Ideally we would require at least 45minutes to an hour per sweep to ensure a professional job was achieved. Room around the fireplace would need to be cleared to bring in our equipment. The fireplace and flooring would be covered with clean soot sheets to protect from any unwanted debris. We would ask that any items or ornaments around the fireplace be removed for safety. Last but not least, we would require an electric socket to plug our industrial vacuum. Let us begin.

Reminder Service

Generally, most households wish to be reminded of having their chimney swept every year. We offer a reminder service to allow just that. We will gladly keep you on our database and contact you when the appropriate time is at hand to sweep your chimney again. The best time to have a chimney swept is in summer when the chimney is not being used.

Keeping you clean

Elite Sweeps understand that one of the most important parts of a chimney sweeping service is to keep your house clean. Our sweeping methods ensure a very clean sweeping service. We keep our vacuum running through the procedure to prevent any soot from escaping. Rest assured that we take all precautions to keep your room clean and tidy.

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Bid Nest and Blockage Removal

Occasionally a bird or a squirrel may wish to temporarily take residence in your chimney. The first signs of this would be the presence of twigs and nesting material visible in your fireplace. This could potentially have devastating effects, a blockage can be lethal due to build up of carbon monoxide gases having no where to escape except back through the chimney into your room, particularly if you have a gas fire.

An open fire will cause smoke to enter the room and cause much damage to your prized possessions, never mind the possibility of a chimney fire.

In this case, please call Elite Sweeps and we will gladly assist in removing the blockage and advising how to prevent it from happening again.

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Bird Guards and Cowls
Whether you have a used or disused chimney, a bird guard or cowl is necessary to prevent bird or squirrel entry and possible nesting. A cowl can prevent rain falling through the chimney and causing less heat efficiency in your home. Prevent down draft, causing smoke to enter your room because of where your chimney is situated (ie. close to other tall buildings or Trees).

All potential issues relating to the above can be discussed and rectified. Please contact us and we will assess and recommend the correct type of bird guard or cowl needed for your particular situation.

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Neighbour Link

Would you like to save money on your chimney sweep costs? Well, you can!
Simply team up with at least 3 other neighbours that require their chimney swept at the same time and give us a call. We will give you a discount and Free Smokeless Fuel Logs (while stocks last) as a thank you for your business.

Please note the other chimneys to be swept must be swept on the same day and within a designated area of around half a mile from each other. In the event of unforeseen issues such as bird nest removal or any other problems that may require further investigation, a further charge may be incurred should a return visit be needed. Costs will be discussed in advance.

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Straws (Smokeless Flue)

Heat your home not your world.

What are Straws?

They are a solid fuel with a high heat output, they are an alternative to wood and coal. Easy to store and handle. They can be used in stoves, fireplaces and chimineas and is a sustainable fuel source that grows annually. They are made from straw sourced from Wheat, Linseed or Miscanthus and Rape and is 100% natural and sourced from the UK.

Straws have a high energy output and can produce 5kw of heat per log that lasts up to 3 hours. They are better than wood because they’re denser which means they burn much longer. They are drier than wood ( moisture content of less than 10% as opposed to wood, between 25% and 40% ). Moisture evaporates, as it does it causes cooling, therefore wood has high moisture and causes more cooling whilst Straws has much less moisture and burns much hotter than wood.

For any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Stove Refurbishment

Is your wood or multi-fuel stove looking a little tired and neglected?

After much use during the winter months keeping you snug and warm, how about returning the favour and giving your stove a good refurbishment service, after all, it still remains the centrepiece in your home and will last for many years to come.

I will inspect to see if it requires new rope seals for the door, new glass (or just thoroughly cleaned), if the fire bricks need replacing, or just to have the stove re-sprayed and make it look like new.

If you are interested, please contact myself and I will be more than happy to discuss your best options.

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